If You Think You Missed A Random Thought…

Attie’s Home

It was fun the first night Ehinmore’s mother, Mavis, took him to Attie’s home, it was in January. She said it was a place he can stay and school until she can piece herself together, after the bit…Read More


No Electricity

Electricity ruined our relationships, not technology. Electricity was the bane of all technological reasoning’s going on at the time it was first discovered by Lewis Latimer. I grew up in Festac (es…Read More



Like Cocks on the Internet.

From the moment Njideka took an early leave home from work that day he made the wrong move. From the moment he stepped out of his office door, the building and then into his car he had already disappo…Read More

Two Poems: By Kofi Eghan

HOPE: Alone I sit, but in the dark. Staring into the sky, but at the stars. Knowing I will be seen, but with time. A time ahead called future, where my success lies. The far I go, the more I know. But…Read More

Change: By Anastasia Ruth and Arinzechukwu Patrick

Anastasia: Brother abeg send me something. Dis tin no easy Abi, Dem say make we vote change, We no know sey e go be like this Abi make una help me see na Tins hard the more And dem say na change My …Read More